Digitizing Physical Spaces




Dwell time is a major operational problem that most managers intuitively recognize, but they often lack visibility into the total impact it has on overall warehouse operations. Aimed primarily at high turnover, resource-limited warehouses and distribution centers, SmartDock™ provides real-time insight into the current state of a loading dock, measures efficiency, and creates visual records of key activity. With SmartDock™, facilities can quantify the impact of dwell time on their business, get insight into the origin for corrective action and enable smarter decision making. 

The SmartDock™ solution leverages Locix’s patented HD Vision Sensor platform to cost-effectively collect visual and sensor data from the loading dock’s interior and exterior without the extensive installation and high infrastructure costs of competing solutions. Combining this unique data with cloud-based, state of the art machine learning and data analytics, SmartDock™ provides unprecedented, real-time visibility into dock status and generates alerts and reporting around the specific causes of increased dwell time and dock level inefficiency.

  • Current Dock Status and Dwell Time

  • Total Dwell Time and Analytics

  • Dock Efficiency Rating (Exterior and Interior)

  • Arrival and Departure Gap Analysis

  • Visual Load and Unload Summaries

  • Time-based Analysis and Reporting


Locix SmartDock™ Facility-wide view provides at-a-glance status and information across the entire Warehouse.

  • Visual layout with Occupied/Empty Icons

  • Quick overview of dock status, number of delays, waiting area, and more

  • Average dwell time across all docks


Locix SmartDock™ single dock view provides detailed dock-level views and historical data.

  • Current dock view - interior and exterior

  • Overview of current state, including occupation, current dwell time, and interior load and unload statistics

  • Activity analysis of the dock interior

  • List of past dwells