Digitizing Physical Spaces

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Warehouse and logistics solutions

As ecommerce continues to rapidly expand and evolve, customer expectations for faster delivery times require warehouse and logistics providers to dramatically change how they operate. These market shifts are causing an explosion in the number of warehouses, a migration of warehouses and fulfillment centers to expensive urban locations, and increased pressures on labor forces, transportation and real estate costs. 

The key to increasing the velocity of ecommerce while counteracting the increase in operating costs is to build smarter infrastructure that responds dynamically to changing demands. Locix’s solutions uniquely address this emerging need through the automated, scalable collection of data and, more importantly, the right kind of actionable data to drastically increase visibility, productivity and efficiency in warehouse and logistics operations.


Remote Monitoring

Remotely monitor the state of the distribution center from centralized operational centers. Provide real time and historical visibility for better space planning and utilization.



Monitor berths at the distribution center to optimize traffic, monitor dwell time, and provide better visibility to load/unload operations. Connect with Locix’s open API platform to integrate data into Fleet Tracking and Operations systems.


Track and Locate Operational Equipment

Monitor location, usage, and routing of operational equipment in real time with Locix’s LPS solution. Use LPS data to find hotspots, congestion areas, and longer term utilization rates.


Space Utilization 

Track and analyze space usage over time, using visual and location data combined with advanced analytics. Determine relative space utilization over time to better forecast space needs and adjust distribution areas.