Digitizing Physical Spaces

Visual Sensor


Visual Sensor

  • Actionable, Scalable Visual Insights

  • HD Images and Video Clips

  • 100% Wireless Installation and Operation

  • Multi-Year Battery Life

  • Temperature, motion, humidity sensors

  • Open Cloud API for Advanced Analytics


Locix Visual Sensor Overview

The Locix Visual Sensor is a breakthrough solution for the collection of visual insights for monitoring, decision making, and analysis. The highly-scalable sensor enables unprecedented visibility through the capture of high definition images and videos from both inside and outside facilities without requiring expensive equipment, infrastructure (power and network bandwidth), or installation. The solution consists of battery-operated wireless sensors that operate for multiple years without battery replacement and can be installed within minutes. Already deployed in multiple environments, the Locix Visual Sensor solution has been validated for use with advanced analytics and machine learning to digitize physical spaces and, in turn, provide unparalleled operational visibility and make automated decisions. The extreme flexibility also enables continuous redeployment for a changing landscape without the cost associated with traditional installations and reconfigurations. Through cloud-based integrations with analytics and machine learning tools, the solution is currently being used to track space utilization, monitor assets, remotely monitor and secure areas, and more.