Digitizing Physical Spaces

Copy of SmartDock™



Real-time insight into the current state of a loading dock, measures efficiency, and creates visual records of key activity. Facilities can quantify the impact of dwell time on their business, get insights for corrective action, and make smarter decisions.

  • Current Dock Status and Dwell Time

  • Total Dwell Time and Analytics

  • Dock Efficiency Rating (Exterior and Interior)

  • Arrival and Departure Gap Analysis

  • Visual Load and Unload Summaries

  • Time-based Analysis and Reporting


at-a-glance status and information across the entire Warehouse.

  • Visual layout with Occupied/Empty Icons

  • Quick overview of dock status, number of delays, waiting area, and more

  • Average dwell time across all docks


detailed dock-level views and historical data.

  • Current dock view - interior and exterior

  • Overview of current state, including occupation, current dwell time, and interior load and unload statistics

  • Activity analysis of the dock interior

  • List of past dwells