Digitizing Physical Spaces

Remote Monitoring


Remote monitoring solutions

Using the Locix HD Vision Sensor, the ability to easily, cost effectively, and efficiently visually monitor remote areas has never been more attainable. When combined with analytics, the Locix solution can automate many of the day to day tasks in many fields, proactively alert employees to unexpected events, and monitor changes to space over time.  Locix's cloud-based API allows for the Vision Sensor solution to be integrated into existing applications and services, or be used as a standalone offering for a variety of purpose-built applications.


Construction Site Monitoring

Use Locix’s Vision Sensor to capture HD images and video clips throughout the construction site. With ease of deployment and re-deployment, continuously reconfigure cameras to monitor the changing aspects of the construction site without any infrastructure costs.


Warehouse Monitoring

Remotely monitor warehouse or distribution center activities from remote command centers without the high installation, bandwidth, and management costs of traditional security cameras. Use historical data to view and analyze space utilization, safety compliance, and security.

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Greenhouse Monitoring

Use Locix HD Vision Sensors to remotely track growth and monitor conditions in green houses, without paying high bandwidth costs or expensive travel for manual inspection.

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Expanded Visual Surveillance 

Enhance your existing security infrastructure by expanding visual surveillance at a lower cost. Locix wireless HD Vision Sensors provide high definition images and video clips without the costly hardware and installation typical of traditional surveillance cameras, perfectly supplementing existing coverage or extending coverage to areas like parking lots and building exteriors.