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Locix Launches Out of Stealth, Announces Series B Funding, and Unveils Next-gen Technology and Solutions to Digitize Physical Space for Autonomous Buildings


SAN BRUNO, Calif. —September 6, 2018 Locix, next-generation innovator in the scalable collection and analysis of unique and actionable data for autonomous buildings, today launched out of stealth mode and unveiled a first-of-its-kind core agile platform that digitizes physical space through spatial, visual and sensor data. Locix’s cloud-based solutions provide unprecedented visibility and access to the full perimeter and entirety of a space, activating streamlined decision-making and problem-solving.

As ecommerce continues to rapidly expand and evolve, customer expectations for faster delivery times require warehouse and logistics providers to dramatically change how they operate. These market shifts, according to Arizona State University’s Warehouse of the Future report, are causing an explosion in the number of warehouses, a migration of warehouses and fulfillment centers to expensive urban locations, and increased pressures on labor forces, transportation and real estate costs. 

The key to increasing the velocity of ecommerce while counteracting the increase in operating costs is to build smarter infrastructure that responds dynamically to changing demands. Locix’s solutions uniquely address this emerging need through the automated, scalable collection of data and, more importantly, the right kind of actionable data to drastically increase visibility, productivity and efficiency in warehouse and logistics operations.

Leveraging its patented technologies, Locix is revolutionizing how visual (images and video), spatial (indoor localization) and sensor data is collected, providing the accurate, contextual data needed to have maximum impact on warehouse and logistics operations.

The Locix solution digitizes physical space and assets to track space utilization, monitor assets, remotely monitor and secure areas, and more. In addition to warehouse applications, the technology extends to commercial buildings, factories, hospitals, retail, consumer, homes as well as other areas. The solution includes:

  • Locix Visual Sensor: Scalable, wireless, low-power sensor captures HD imagery and videos from inside and outside facilities, requiring minimal equipment, infrastructure and network bandwidth, and installation, with maximum visibility.
  • Local Positioning System (LPS): With unparalleled precision and reliability, LPS offers sub-meter accurate 3D location tracking in indoor and outdoor facilities, through advanced Wi-Fi technology and proprietary algorithms, overcoming non-line-of-sight constraints and multi-path reflections. 
  • Locix Cloud: Open API integrations with deep analytics and machine learning tools are used to analyze visual and spatial data and address logistics challenges in real time.

Locix has successfully completed its Series B funding led by Murata Manufacturing. The company has so far raised more than $20M with participation from ID Ventures, University of Tokyo Edge Capital, NTT Docomo Ventures, Acer Inc., iRobot Corp., Yaskawa Information Systems, Yaskawa Electric Corporation and Sumitomo Corporation of Americas. Locix will use the recent funding to commercialize and scale its solutions. 

“The area of smart warehouse and logistics is a significant focus of our indoor and outdoor location technology portfolio. We believe the combination of Locix Visual Sensor and its Local Positioning System will help customers streamline and improve their most critical and complex operations,” said Norio Nakajima, senior executive vice president, Module Business Unit, Murata Manufacturing. “Leading Locix’s Series B financing shows our strong commitment to tackle those areas. We look forward to supporting Locix.”

“The funding led by Murata allows us to accelerate our development, go-to-market strategy and commercially realize this vision — to digitize physical space and allow our customers’ buildings, including warehouses, to be fully realized as strategic assets, and not cost centers,” said Vik Pavate, CEO, Locix. “Without access to the collection of high-quality visual and precise localization data and advanced analytics, warehouses will be unable to meet consumer demands in the exploding e-commerce market. Our solutions will directly address this and give logistics operations the necessary tools to make the swiftest and most effective decisions moment-by-moment.” 

About Locix

Locix develops revolutionary solutions to uniquely capture spatial, visual and sensor data — providing contextual awareness to buildings, homes and connected devices, digitizing the physical world.Combined with advanced data analytics, Locix solutions enable actionable insights for automated decision-making.Based in Silicon Valley, Locix is backed by leading venture and strategic investors including ID Ventures, University of Tokyo Edge Capital, Murata Manufacturing, NTT Docomo Ventures, Sumitomo Corporation of Americas, iRobot Corp., Yaskawa Information Systems, Yaskawa Electric Corporation and Acer Inc. 


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