Digitizing Physical Spaces

Local Positioning System


Local positioning System (LPS)

LPS Hardware.png
  • Dedicated Localization Network

  • Small, Low-profile Devices

  • Open API for Integration

  • Precise, Sub-meter Accuracy

  • Easy to Deploy, Low cost Installation

  • Dramatic Reduction in Infrastructure


LPS Overview

Locix is developing a breakthrough LPS solution to accurately and cost-effectively locate sensors, assets and people in indoor and outdoor environments. Current solutions that use WiFi and Bluetooth have very limited accuracy in real-world environments due to non-line of sight constraints and multi-path reflections. Locix solution provides 10 times the performance of these solutions by leveraging advances in WiFi and proprietary algorithms, achieving sub-meter accuracy. Locix LPS differentiates itself from competing indoor positioning systems through its low cost, minimal infrastructure requirement, and high accuracy. The Locix Cloud’s open API enables easy integration with WMS’s and other existing platforms, allowing existing customer applications to leverage the LPS data to improve warehouse and logistics operations. The LPS solution is being designed to locate and track inventory, assets, and people providing unparalleled operational insight and automated decision making without high capital and operational expenditures.